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MANUFACTURING/ Factory Equipment


Once approved the project in the engineering department, begins the manufacturing phase, which begins with the sending of CAM software packages for line process plate or profiles as appropriate, both controlled entirely by computer. The whole production takes place with highly skilled personnel trained in the operation of the latest generation of equipment available to the company such as:

  • • Line drilled and cut profiling numerical control of last generation.
  • • Line punching and cutting plate numerical control.
  • • Wall profiling machinery with CNC.
  • • Laser cutting with CNC.
  • • Guillotine folder with CNC, which has a capability up to 5 mts long.
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The combination of our teams, allows us to ensure a production of 600 tons per month. This ranks us among between the few companies with high productivity capacity in the region. The processes of surface treatment and coating complete the production prior to their shipment, for final assembly and steel erection work on site.

Our quality team, composed of highly trained personnel, verifies the plans of inspection and testing planned for each work according to the project specifications, all of the production processes are done under different procedures established by the international standards. In the same way are controlled qualifications and procedures to establish clear regulatory parameters and functionality.


Towers, Stair Towers, Metal Buildings, Hangars, Industrial Hangars, Steel highway Bridges, Footbridge, Bridges fallings, Antennas, Chimneys, Walkways, Structures under special design, Steel Projects, Misc. Structures.

Manufacturing Industries, Petroleum Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Metalworking industry, Steel Industries, Mining Industries, Industries generation and transmission of energy, Companies Agroindustrial, Construction Companies.